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Step beyond Bali and Indonesia's islands have an incredible diversity. These two short films, one shot in Borneo and the other in Raja Ampat, show the exceptional range of affordable experiences. Download our brochure (above), watch the films and read our Indonesia edition of Wildiaries for a glimpse of what you can see and do throughout country. Then contact us using the form below and we can give you more advice to help you on your way.

Welcome to our Indonesia travel guide and brochure.

There’s hardly anywhere in the world as diverse as Indonesia in terms of culture, nature and landscape. It’s also a fast-developing nation and visitors may be surprised to discover a high level of hospitality and service for all travelers.

Because of its diversity, it may seem to present a challenge but this shouldn’t stop you considering it for a holiday. It is an extraordinary place to visit.

To help you, we’ve included maps throughout, which refer to the main islands. You’ll find current advice on air travel, visas, food, accommodation, culture and wildlife.

We’ve also done a brief overview of the key islands and landscapes to help you decide where to start.

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